Website Update

The website has had a slight redesign to favour the higher resolution screens that people now use to view webpages. The left hand navigation has been removed and this has been replaced by drop-down menus on the navigation bar. The search has been moved to the top right hand corner of each page. New thumbnails … Read more

Station Landscape Painting

A few days ago some slopes were built up around the station to fit it into the landscape. This can be seen here A base coat of dark green was applied and then dry brushed with a lighter green.

Quarry Landscape

Flaxengate Crag quarry is currently the newest feature being added to the layout. Adding this to the layout has been inspired by the quarry at Crowden in the Peak District which was used to dig out stone for use construction the woodhead reservoir dams. Like the quarry at Crowden, the quarry on flaxengate will have … Read more

Scratch Built Works

Along with the factory building I have also been constructing some engineering works to fit into a small corner of the layout. It is not quite finished as there are details to add and inaccuracies to sort out. Pictures of this building are in the construction section of the website.

Scratch Built Factory Building

The building is nearing completion and is scratch built from cereal box card, pva glue and superquick brick paper. A silly error has been made in the dimensions of the building meaning it won’t easily fit on the layout. Find the article and photos in the buildings section of the website.

Painting Green onto the Rock

I tried adding static grass and green scatter over grey paint on a test rig. Results showed that you could still see the grey paint through the scatter and grass. This meant that a base coat of green was needed before static grass and scatter was applied to the layout. To see photos of this … Read more

Layout Painting

The hardlandscaping on the layout has been painted dark grey in colour as a base. I intend to dry brush lighter greys above this dark grey to five depth to the rock outcrops. But before I do this I will be making a test rig to try out techniques. Photos of the recent painting can … Read more

Retaining Wall Construction

To add to the industrial feel of the town area I decided to create a brick retaining wall for the railway embankment instead of it just being sloped earth. The wall has been made from thick mounting card, cereal box card and superquick brick paper. Why not have a look at the article with pictures.