When peco set track points are placed together to make a crossover between two parallel tracks it becomes apparent that the tracks are ‘too far apart’. Set track is made for simplicity not accuracy, I would have use medium points on my layout for more realism but the size of my layout wouldn’t really alow it and also set track is cheaper. I managed to make the parallel tracks closer together by doing a little ‘track’ engineering.

Standard set-track spacing

Above is a picture of the tracks before I modified them, it is obvious to the eye they they are incoorectly space apart to scale.

Modified set-track spacing

This picture above shows the tracks after I have modified them, the look alot closer together and alot better to scale.

Insulating Joiners

Insulated frogs gap

The picture above shows flexi track meeting a point with insulated rail joiners, as the railjoiners are made of plastic they can be bendy and not align the track very well, I have solved this on part of my layout using hot glue and a craft knife.

Insulated frog gap filled

Above shows the track with the back rails from the previous picture, except this time you can see that the rails are joinned up with a translucent plastic rail which imitates the profile of the rail.