The layout is set in a steep sided valley. At the top of the valley is a Dam (used to hide loop) and at the bottom is an industrial town, the railway is built in deep cuttings in the valley side crossing the river at several points.

Detailed Trackplan

Here at the top is the reservoir held in the valley by a dam. I’m not sure what type of dam to do yet maybe concrete or maybe just earth.

A little further down is the junction, this is where the two mainlines meet before going into the town.

The line cuts through the elevation created by the shallow meander in a deep cutting before crossing the river on a stone arch bridge.

A line leaves the mainline here for a siding and a turning loop.

At the bottom of the layout is a town with a platform with two stations.

Right at the bottom is the furthest downstream railway bridge on the layout.

Simplified Trackplan

This is a simplified plan of the track layout, I will probably use this on my control box when I come to make it.

Simplified Trackplan

3D View of Trackplan