A selection ofstructures have been built for the layout from scratch using various materials and tools. In this section you can look at photos of the scructures and how and why they were constucted.

Retaining Wall

This retaining wall was created for the town end of the layout. It has been put in the area to add to the industrial feel of the town.

The wall has been constructed out of superquick brick paper and cereal box and mounting card.

View Retaining Wall

Upstream Bridge

This bridge was based on the Albert Edward Bridge in Shropshire England.

It has been constrcuted from thick card, plastic, paint and ratio brick textured plastic.

View the Upstream Bridge

Stone Bridge

This bridge was Butchered from a second hand two arch stone bridge I bought many years ago.

The bridge was taken apart and one of the arches was cut in half. The smaller cut off was glued in places around the other side of the bridge. A join line can still be seen.

View the Stone Bridge