Retaining Wall

There is an area of two sidings next to the river in the town end of the layout. Next to the sidings is a single track at a higher level, I decided to build a retaining wall to place between the track and the sidings instead of just having a sloping embankment. I wanted to do this as it would add to more of an industrial look to the town with the red brick construction.

The wall has been built from scratch using mounting card and cereal box card. superquick brick paper has been stuck on to create a brick effect.

Retaining wall with sidings infront

I created the shape of the wall using a sharp knife, a ruler, a pencil and a compass for the arches. The basic shape was then covered with brick paper.

Arches detail

The brick around the rim of the arch was created by cutting slits in brick paper allowing it to bend around the curve.

Retaining wall adjacent to the chimney and bridge

Small rectangles of card covered in brick paper was added at the top of the wall between the arches to add interest to the wall. In the photo about you can see the difference between old superquick brick paper on the bridge and new superquick brick paper on the retaining wall and chimney.