Flaxengate is an British N scale model railway layout based on a fictional location in the United Kingdom.

Class 158

The layout is based in a mountainous upland area in Great Britain. The land is gradually being reclaimed back by nature after many years of it being exploited by industrial use. Many reminders are hoped to be seen once the layouts scenery has gone underway such as slag heaps, old tracks and ruined buildings.The layout also features a fast flowing river running the length of the baseboard in a steep valley which opens out at the town.

Fact File

The flaxengate railway consists of a junction between two mainlines into a short stretch of track which head towards the town of Flaxengate. Most of the track is still in use and many of the lineside buildings are in good condition as they have been preserved. Although most of the layouts scenery is old light signals have been introduced to the valley.

This website has been created to give you information about the layout and show how things have been done on the layout. On this website you can look at the trackplan for Flaxengate, and see a birds eye view of what the layout may look like. You can view the construction of the layout on the construction page and see what modifications have been made to track and scenery. You can also sign the guestbook to let me know you have been here.