I want to have a factory/mill complex on the layout and neither would be complete without a chimney. As I wanted all of the buildings on the layout to look as if they have been made from the same bricks I have decided to scratch build one using card and brick paper.

As the factory complex is only going to occupy a small area I didn’t want to make a chimney which looked too big or too tall. I settled for a height of about 80-90 foot, about 17 cm.

Smoke box of chimney

The smoke box was simply made by cutting a net out of cereal box cardboard and covering it with brick paper. I then folded it into a cuboid shape, and added squares of brick paper to the inside of the square holes.

Chimney Stack

The stack itself was made from a cone template. I made several of these out of paper and glued them inside one another to make the paper rigid. Brick paper was then added to the outside of the cone.

Chimney Top

The chimney top was made by slotting an old penlid in the top of the cone. This was done because the walls of the chimney were only paper thin and it needed to look as if it was built thick of bricks. The penlid was covered with brick paper around the rim and rings of brick paper were added around the top.