Chimney Construction

After a visit to the Derwent valley to see the mills I had decided to build a chimney for a mill or factory complex on the layout. The chimney has been scratch built, to see photos visit the chimney construction page.

Hard Landscaping Complete

The embankments and slopes near the town end of the layout have now been finished, this being the last of the hardlandscaping for the layout. The completed landscape. The layout is at the stage when it is time to move on and start adding the scenic details such as; paint, scatter, ballast and static grass. … Read more

Plaster and Facia Boards

The damage is thought to have come from the stress of moving the layout about over the past few months. The problem has been overcome by using a glueing technique – this is explained on the hard landscaping page. Read the Article here

Gasometer Construction

After a while of neglect I have finally got back to doing a little bit on the layout. I haven’t done anything else, just a bit of hard landscaping. The gasometer is being scratch built for the layout to fit in one of the bottom corners.It should fill up some space on the layout and … Read more

Site Redesign

The side navigation has been slightly redesigned to make it easier to get the exact page you want to on the site. the main pages are now bold and the sub pages have normal weighted fonts to distinguish between their importance. All the links have hover over affects added to them.

Free Downloads

I have created a simple card building which I will eventually use on my layout. The building is a typical red brick industrial warehouse, common in the 19th centuary. A first attempt at building. The building’s net and instructions are availible on the site. Free to download. To have a go at building it for … Read more

Hard Landscape Cut Through

The bottom layer is the baseboard made out of chipboard, I used this because it was cheap and easy to use. Though it is worth pointing out that it can warp if not supported properly. The next layer up is the screwed up paper balls which were dipped in a mixture of PVA and water. … Read more