Joint Project Ideas

Over the past weeks I have thought up some initial plans for the joint project.

Out of the four I drew up we have decided not to take ideas from three of them. The plans which had ideas which were not chosen will be explained below, because they are worth explaining!

These, though plan in their own right, are not plans. They are visual ideas and concepts which we could adapt for our project.

Idea 1

Plan Number 1

This idea fetures a two track mainline and a short branch to some exchange sidings.

The plan is set in the transition between the railways and the canals where goods would often be moved from railways to canals and visa versa. The layout would be operational however the double track mainline would not be as it is short and doesn't go anywhere.

We have decided not to use this plan as it was a little to complex and the amount of points would make it expensive.

Idea 2

Plan Number 2

This idea has a more urban setting it features a large factory complex.

This plan is a single track industrial line passing a factory on an urban fringe. It has a polluted river and allotments too

We decided against this plan as neither of us were really fans of urban layouts. Also the single straight track didn't really have much character

Idea 3

Plan Number 3

This plan is the opposite of number 2, being a rural station on a rural branch.

The two main parts of this idea was the viaduct over the stream and the small station. The scene would be in a upland area with a hilly terrain.

This plan was the most appealing with it's simplicity. However we chose against it in favour of the fourth idea which caught our attention more..


None of these plans were really what we came to want to do. Some came close but the ideas were nothing compaired to our fourth one.

The fourth Idea plan will be posted on here in time, so keep coming back.

6 January 2008 7:18 pm