Joint Venture

I have commited to a joint modelling project.

After a few weeks of planning, myself and Richard have started building an OO gauge layout together. The purpose of the layout is mainly for practising and trying out techniques before we commit them to our own layouts. However this doesn't mean that the joint layout will be completely a test piece, we do hope to create a half decent model.

The layout is about 2.4 meters long and about 0.6 meters wide. We have already constructed the two baseboards, each being 1.2 m by 0.6 m. The top surface is 12mm chipboard which is supported by pine under framing.

We have already decided on a scale and gauge, the scale will be 4mm to the foot and the track will be OO gauge. A few more things need to be decided but there is a good chance that we will be modelling a junction type track layout.

We will both work on all aspect of the layout as each work stage will give experience to the both of us. Also this will mean that we both get our fair share of 'boring model railway jobs'.

The baseboards for the joint project.

Each of the two boards will be worked on by the two of us. We decided against a module layout which we though would just be 'two layouts that fit together' not one joint layout. Another reason against the module idea was that if slightly different techniques were used on each board it wouldn't be long before they wouldn't look right next to each other.

Both me and Richard are members of NRM forum (, most of the layouts progress will be published on there. However some progress may be listed here on this website from time to time.

So keep checking back to see how we are getting on!

30 December 2007 10:05 pm