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  • Pops

  • This site is obviously dead and forgotten

    23 April 2017

  • Pops

  • I am wondering if this site is still active, there have been no update postings since December, 2012

    28 November 2015

  • test

  • test post

    20 March 2014

  • test post

  • test

    3 March 2013

  • John from Canada

  • I like your scratch built buildings and structures so much I book marked your web site for further reference. I just retired and the Minister of Domestic and Financial Affairs (my wife) has given consent to building a model railway...Happy Days!!

    21 December 2011

  • Jimmy Bennett

  • As i\'m only a beginner in da model railway world i thought da site was v gud & i\'l b comin bac 2 it again...
    Gud wrk..

    18 January 2011

  • Henri W

  • The layout is excellent use of a small space, and the website is clear. Thank you for inspiring me to take a look at this hobby.

    30 December 2010

  • witherbrow

  • love the layout looks very promising im on my 5th attempt with witherbrow (must update my site) will keep myself updated!

    8 May 2010

  • G Wilkins

  • I love your layout. I would love to do something similar except I want to run a couple of trains and the same time.

    17 February 2010

  • Tony Gay

  • Thank you for all the time and effort you have put in to your site and presenting an account of your experience. A realistic layout rather than one created by the "gurus".

    25 January 2010

  • Roger Tilley

  • Hi, solved my scale problem. 1:150.
    Best Rgards, Roger.

    23 January 2010

  • Roger Tilley

  • Greetings from Oz! Congratulations on a most informative site. I want to create a quarry scene with the appropriate buildings and loader in N guage. I will be working from photographs. I will be working in metric so can you tell me what is the conversion from 2mm - 1ft to metric? I take it from the layout plan that your layout measures 2 metres X 1 metre. Congratulations on a fine piece of modelling.
    Best Regards, Roger. My email address is

    21 January 2010

  • Miles.
    It's not that expensive. Metcalf do some terrific building kits that make greta houses and factories, the rolling stock and engines are reasonable price and, if like me, you phase the construction over a period of time, the expense is not that great. I bought my first 'set' at a Model Railway fair in Lincoln at a great price and it was brand new and wrapped.
    Go for it, it is a great hobby and you soon get hooked on construction.

    5 January 2010

  • Miles

  • Great work and nicely laid out site! I'm looking to build a small N-gauge myself as my flat is rather small for a larger layout. Not entirely sure where to start, N-gauge seems to cost a fortune with few suppliers in the UK

    4 January 2010

  • Ray.

  • Nice site. I believe that all modellers are entitled to build as and how they want, it is the fun of building and turning out a layout and design to suit the modeller that counts. Who really cares if the layout has 2 yunnel entrances next to each other. Practicallities are the main thing here. I have just build my first ever layout (at the age of 64) and certain liberties have to be taken for practical reasons according to the available space.
    Keep up the good work and enjoy the hobby!

    31 December 2009

  • Graeme

  • Stu - everyone is entitled to an opinion. Whether you think itís relevant or not doesnít really matter.

    31 December 2009

  • Stu

  • Great website - well done! I have found it to be very informative and interesting and its a shame to see some comments from obvious numpties - perhaps they would care to do a similar website for their own, obviously vastly superior efforts, and we could all learn from the experts?

    30 December 2009

  • George, Bungle and Zippy

  • I have to agree Rob. This layout is shit.

    22 December 2009

  • Rob Davis

  • I think your layout is a bit crap, try using thicker card for your buildings and get a better camera smooth your plaster and add some plants and maybe chuck in bob crowe on picket duty somewhere

    11 December 2009

  • alec

  • came across your site by accident.... nice one mate... keep it up!

    1 November 2009

  • alec

  • came across your site by accident.... nice one mate... keep it up!

    1 November 2009

  • alec

  • came across your site by accident.... nice one mate... keep it up!

    1 November 2009

  • 66s00

  • Danny,

    Well done is all I will say.

    3 October 2009

  • jim smith-wright

  • Danny, your site seems very informative and helpful. Keep it up

    10 August 2009

  • Keith Wilkes

  • John Stevens. Hmm... A name I'm sure which will become synonymous with the phrase dribbling moron fairly quickly. Where on earth do you get the idea that two tunnels side by side don't exist?? I invite you to look at the Inverkip tunnels in Scotland, Grove Lane tunnels London SE5, Pendlebury tunnels just off Swinton Hall Road Manchester, Gellifelen Railway Tunnels
    Daren-felen, nr Clydach, Gwent, to name but a few.

    You sir, are an arse. An ill-educated piece of slime fit only for your chosen trollish profession. We have yet of course, to see any of your own work. I would be interested to see how "perfect" your own models are. I would invite you to head on over to Model Rail Forum, where my Wife has challenged you to a build off. Money, mouth, Mr Stevens. Put them both together. To finish I'd like to say to the builder of Flaxengate that I thoroughly enjoyed looking at pictures of your work, looks excellent to me.

    10 August 2009

  • LordGrumpy's Butler

  • I agree sir, this John Stevens character reminds of that sort of disgusting pasty stuff that develops in the bottom of a council refuse bin when it hasn't been cleaned for a while, although i feel profound sympathy with the actual turd like substance that does gather in the base of a used bin, as it's not it's own fault.

    Back to Flaxengate. Great results all round, this is a prime example of a website devoted to the work of a railway modeller who 'does' and 'doesn't' simply waffle on internet forums about hollow plans and ventures, but gets on and gets results.

    I endorse Flaxengate. :o)

    6 August 2009

  • LordGrumpy

  • I love you John Stevens. You're clearly far to high an intellect for most people to understand, but I get you 100%.

    I totally understand that you find it difficult making friends and went unloved by your mother.. Therefore you have difficulty relating to people in any way other than being insulting in a faceless way by the medium of the internet.

    I love your website. It promises loads, delivers nothing and has that air of class about it. I love free webspace with a Microsoft Frontpage designed website slapped on it.

    In short..

    Danny goes to a lot of effort with Flaxengate, gets good results and shows people.

    You're a mouthy cock with nothing to show except hot air and bullcrap.

    Get bent.

    Love from LordGrumpy.

    5 August 2009

  • Danny

  • Thanks for the comments, guys.

    Elric; the budget needs updating a little as I have spent quite a bit more which I haven't recorded but I am still limited with my funds like you are. I'd be interested in seeing how you are getting on with the same constraints.

    John Stevens; thank-you for the advice but I am afraid you are wrong. Due to the amount of plaster used in the layouts construction it would not make very good firewood at all.

    John Rupert, you are entirely correct. As for moving people, I am still seeking a suitable supplier.

    5 August 2009

  • John Rupert

  • I travelled on the 11:10 from Manchester to Southport last week and it was much more realistic than your effort. It had moving people and everything.

    9 July 2009

  • John Stevens

  • Personally, I think your efforts are total rubbish. Who puts two tunnels beside each other! I'm sorry but you need your brain checked. Do you actually take this hobby seriously?

    I suggest that you take an axe to your layout and use it as firewood. That's all its fit for!

    8 July 2009

  • Elric

  • Hi, You've had a great idea & it's really inspiring to see what you've achieved - particularly seeing the cost list! I'm still in the planning stage, deciding whether to use N or smaller gauge. Space & budget are the limiting factors for me, & seeing what you've done has given me loads of ideas for what I can do with the space available. Just wanted to say well done & thanks for a load of inspiration! :)

    5 July 2009

  • peter

  • Hi,
    newby to railway modeling, just found your site,
    very interesting and informative, looks like this could be a very helpful website in helping me with my layout, look forward to seeing more pics of yours,

    13 May 2009

  • euan

  • Nice layout, small but effective without being overly expensive of time consuming. I'm modelling in z gauge at the moment, 5' x 1'6" based on a prototype location near Essen and will hopefully have a website soon.

    23 March 2009

  • John

  • I thought it was a rather poor effort. Seen better elsewhere.

    3 March 2009

  • BankstoneBroadway

  • Great site and layout!

    11 February 2009

  • Ryan (briantwigley)

  • Followed your link on NRM forum, Looking brilliant, keep it up!

    15 January 2009

  • Danny

  • Hi Nigel

    I have done a little bit more work on the layout than what I have posted but finding the time at the moment is an issue.

    If you want to chat feel free to email me (contact page). A few years back I used to go to the railway club at Heckington station, so Heckington is pretty local.

    3 January 2009

  • Nigel

  • Hi Danny,

    Like your layout v much and would like to see it when youve got a little further. I`m modelling the West Highland extension in my back garden cottage. Sorry no web site or photos yet but i`m fairly local to you in Heckington if you are interested in a railway chat sometime !

    3 January 2009

  • Danny

  • Cheers for the kind comments guys.

    Pendanticmongrel, I have added your website to my links page.

    14 December 2008

  • pedanticmongrel

  • Looks like you have made the most of a very small space, the layout will be fantastic when done and leave you with hours of enjoyment just watching trains go by. Looking forward to seeing pictures of further progress.

    5 December 2008

  • collin

  • looks great and it goes to show that not much space is needed to have a fun and interesting layout

    24 November 2008

  • Danny

  • Thanks for looking and having an interest in my layout and website. You are welcome to use my plan or adapt it for your needs.

    6 August 2008

  • Hans-Georg

  • Hello from Germany! I like your layout, both of your railway project and your website. Not too much tracks, the simple track-oval not obvious but hidden in an interesting landscape. May I copy your layout, perhaps I will build a very similiar one?

    28 July 2008

  • Robbie

  • Hi. Your layout is looking so good. I can imagine that taking a time and cost to do on your layout is very important, so that in the end will bring very well details and beautiful. My N gauge layout just finished in last year and I just put on the website - here it is: All the best. Robbie

    23 February 2008

  • Anne

  • Hi!
    Enjoyed your web site.

    31 January 2008

  • ant

  • Great website and the 'trackside' photos already look dramatic even with just the scenic formers! Particularly like the junction into the tunnels.

    10 January 2008

  • Danny

  • Hey Chris

    Thanks for the kind comments, I am glad my website has been helpful to you.

    6ft by 2ft is an excellent size for N gauge. Good luck in getting started on your layout, it sounds like an interesting project.

    If you ever start a website or blog about your layout contact me and I will add it to my links.

    2 January 2008

  • Chris

  • I am about to start out for the first time with railway modeling and because of space I will be doing it in N gauge. I expect the size to be no more than 6ft by 2ft and hope to base it on Green Park Station Bath. I have found your web site very interesting and helpful.

    2 January 2008

  • Burraw Central Modellers

  • Hello,are you using dreamweave for you site because i am to and i would like to know how you get a guset book on it

    26 October 2007

  • george h anderson

  • this was very interesting,i enjoyed it very much.i wish you the best of luck and hope to see more of your work in the future.

    16 October 2007

  • class 166208

  • thanks for signing my gest book if only my website was as cool as yours

    14 October 2007

  • caz

  • Like the format of your web page hope you get your model railway up and running soon.

    8 October 2007

  • Adam (Class60)

  • Thanks for that Danny,

    Yeah i miss the old layout and the many vids that i did but to be honest i needed the space and didn't want to have something that big so i went for the TMD yard on a much smaller board.

    As for the Dmu's, they might make an apperance on the layout on the stabling roads.

    Hope the layout is still progressing to high standards =P

    15 September 2007

  • Hayden Goss

  • Hello, just happened to stumble along this site. Very good layout by the way!! Im starting to build mu own layout. I have the track and next stage is the baseboard. I hope to document my progress on a website. Palmerston North, New Zealand

    12 September 2007

  • Volker

  • Informative website about a very nice model railway project. Keep at it! Best regards, Volker

    14 August 2007

  • Mike

  • You have a way cool idea with the dam/valley/town thing. We are doing a N scale pike of similar size (8 ft x 2.5 ft), but not as creative as yours. Have fun!. Hillsboro, Missouri, USA

    6 May 2007

  • Ian

  • Nice lyaout coming together. You can view mine at:

    14 February 2007

  • karen

  • Hello, nice site. Very impressive graphics.

    11 February 2007